Have You Been Watching GBN?

A few weeks ago, our elders informed us that West Walker is now a monthly supporter of the Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN). Not only are we monthly supporters, but we also made a very generous one-time donation to this wonderful work.

Have you been able to watch any of the broadcasts? If you have DirecTV or Dish Network one hour a day every day you can watch “Good News Today.” On DirecTV at 7 AM on channel 323 you can watch this program. If you have Dish Network, as my family does, you can watch this program at 11 AM on channel 9407.

On this program you will hear the gospel presented to a lost and dying world. The host, br. Jim Dearman, starts out with a devotional period consisting of a reading of God’s Word, a gospel hymn sung during a showing of God’s wonderful creation and comments about the passage of scripture that was previously read. After this segment there is a visit to Tom Holland’s porch. Br. Holland tells a story and then makes a biblical application. After this there is a commentary segment where br. Dearman takes a news story and discusses it in light of what the Bible teaches on the subject of the news story.

In the middle of the program there have been different dvd programs excerpted for our viewing. The “Searching For Truth” dvd which deals with matters of salvation has been shown frequently. Another dvd program that has been shown has been about Restoration history and it has been very interesting. Also shown has been a tremendous show on GBN called “Out With Doubt” produced by Apologetics Press. This program deals with establishing faith in the Bible and God and is valuable for all ages. Other programs have been shown as well.

The show closes with a segment where Bible questions are answered. Several great topics have been dealt with during the segments I have been able to watch. All in all, this is a program that has the potential to change people’s lives by introducing them to the gospel in a unique and biblical way.
I pray that you are taking the time to watch this program as you have opportunity. My family records the program on our dvr and then we watch it as we can in the evening. It may be that you have cable instead of satellite. Please take the time to write your cable company and ask them to add the GBN network to your cable viewing. You can also watch this network online at gbntv.org.

Please pray for this tremendous effort that it may be instrumental in the conversion of many souls for Christ.

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