Some Worthwhile Things

There are a multitude of things on which we can spend our hard-earned money. There are many things that are very worthwhile efforts to which we can send our money. I want to mention a few of them to you.

The first thing is right here at West Walker. When was the last time you increased your contribution? Hopefully, it was the last time you received an increase in what God has prospered you (1 Co. 16:2). Requests are made of the congregation nearly every day to help financially in some worthwhile effort. The more we as members give, the more works the congregation as a whole can support.

Another worthwhile thing is right here in our county. Indian Creek Youth Camp is one of the best camps in the world when it comes to benefitting our young people. More people are baptized in one summer at camp than in all the baptistries in Walker County combined in one year. The camp has just begun a fund raising effort for some much needed work at the camp. There is a need for the help of brethren who have a love for young people and a love for the camp to step forward and aid the camp in this endeavor. If you would like to know more about how you can help just ask me or Randy.

Another worthwhile effort is GBN. I was recently informed that two souls were saved as a result of their watching GBN on their satellite TV. More money is needed to finance this wonderful work. They need individuals to help them stay on the air. They have made cut backs in the staff and how they operate so that they can continue broadcasting daily.
The Memphis School of Preaching is also in need of support. Recently, two apartment buildings were built on the campus of the school. These are large enough to house all the students and their families. They were built at a cost of 3.5 million dollars. All but $900,000 has been paid off. Individuals and congregations are being asked to help retire the remaining debt.

All of these works, and many others, are being done in order to help bring glory to God. Can you find ways to help one or more of these works? You may not be able to help financially, but you can definitely help with your prayers.

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