Have You Bought In?

Whenever a new coach takes over a team, he brings in his philosophy of how things are going to be done under his watch. The same holds true for business executives and managers who are placed over other people. In order for things to be successful under the new oversight, those under them must accept the principles of how things are to now be done and do them that way. We might say that this means you have to “buy into” what the coach or supervisor is telling you. I was talking with a high school baseball coach, who happens to be a New Testament Christian, who has just taken over a program in the area. He told me that he is constantly “selling,” his word and not mine, to his new players the program he is trying to install. Those young men have to “buy into” what he is “selling” if they want to be successful.

This principle holds true in the spiritual lives of people today. The world is “selling” a philosophy of life into which many have “bought.” It is a philosophy of Satan that teaches we should please self and live in a way that makes us happy. It is a selfish way of life that the Bible condemns (Philippians 2:4). This lifestyle rules in the lives of most people in this world. Sadly, it rules in the lives of some Christians.

There is another philosophy of life that is being “sold” in our world today. Sadly, few are “buying into” it. It is a lifestyle that commends humility and giving of self (Philippians 2:5-8). It is a lifestyle of difficulty and exertion (Matthew 7:14). It is a lifestyle that submits to the headship of another, not self (Ephesians 1:22-23; Colossians 1:18). It is a lifestyle of not being served but, rather, serving others (Matthew 20:25-28). The One who is “selling” this lifestyle is the Christ (Matthew 11:28-30).

The phrase “buy into” implies there is a cost to be paid. The lifestyle of the world is being followed by most people in it (Matthew 7:13). It is popular, flashy and easy to follow. We have many friends and possibly family members who have “bought into” this lifestyle. There is a payday in this life, with wrecked homes, loss of health, depression and other types of payments made. The payday is not over in this life however. This lifestyle costs on into eternity (Revelation 21:8).

There is a cost to following Christ and His lifestyle and He encourages us to count it (Luke 9:57-62). There is also great blessing rewarded to us and an abundant life we can lead. Instead of paying at the end for this lifestyle, we get rewarded (1 Thessalonians 4:13-17).

There are two lifestyles being “sold” on this earth. Which one have you “bought into?”

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