Words I’ve Heard In The Foyer

A lot of talk goes on in the foyer. We like to talk and that is a wonderful thing many times. Getting to stand in the foyer after each service allows a lot of talk to be heard and I have heard many words used. I hope and pray that we carefully consider the words we use in the foyer (and in all places) because we are going to be judged by our words one day (Mt. 12:36). Getting to stand in the foyer after every service has allowed me to hear a lot of words.

I have heard words of disillusionment. At times we can get so caught up in the problems and goings on of life that we get disillusioned with our brethren and sometimes even with God. Many times these words are said not thinking and not really being meant, but they are said nonetheless. At those times we need to remember that God is faithful to us (1 Co. 10:13). If our brethren are not living or doing right, we need to remember they are human and that there have been times we have lived like them so we need to show patience and not give up on them.

I have heard words of division. Sadly, the times I have heard such type words, they were not being said because of false doctrine being taught. There is to be no division among us (1 Co. 1:10). We must be very careful when making accusations against brethren. We should never air out our grievances with an eldership, preacher or fellow Christian in the foyer. If we have a problem with someone or some group, we need to go to them in love and deal with the problem (Matthew 18:15ff). We never want to be guilty of dividing the Lord’s church when it can be avoided.

I have heard words of direction. There have been times when a brother or sister has had an arm put around them and words spoken to direct them on the right path. I have had that arm put around me and those type words spoken. Solomon would call these words “fitly spoken” (Pr. 25:11). They truly are beautiful because they are spoken to help someone go to heaven.

I have heard words of determination. Numerous times I have heard words along the lines of “I am going to do better.” We need to be people who are determined to do right. We need to seek to grow in Christ (2 Pe. 3:18). Every child of God needs to be determined to go to heaven.

What type of words do you speak in the foyer?

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