There are many ministries that the West Walker Church of Christ is involved with. They are:

1. Mailout of House-To-House/Heart-To-Heart that goes to everyone in Carbon Hill and on the Carbon Hill routes.

2. Tape program that sends out tapes of our sermons to those that desire them.

3. Bible Correspondence Course program that is free and available to all.

4. We have a campaign every year in which we go to a congregation and help them by phoning the community around the building inviting them to the gospel meeting we conduct.

5. We have a phone campaign at West Walker to invite people to our meeting and offer them a Bible Correspondence Course and our tapes.

6. Bible classes are offered for all ages on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights.

7. Two gospel meetings are held each year.

8. Vacation Bible School is held every year in the summer.

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